Top 10 Best ATV Tires In 2017 Reviews

If you are a sports person who wants to improve the fun of riding, then you need quality tires. These tires are readily available on the market. They feature best prices, and your money will never go to waste. However, you might encounter a situation where you buy low-quality tires. This is a frustrating moment that any fun-loving driver will never want to face. To ensure you have the best tires for your races, the following review compiles the top ten best ATV tires that are durable and feature the qualities you want. Besides, you will find the models costing lower than the standard tires, hence the need to take advantage of the prices. The list ranks from the tenth best to number one.

10. ITP Mud Lite AT

ITP Mud Lite AT

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ITP Mud Lite AT has been designed for high-performance output. It’s a large sized model that cuts through the mud with ease. Since it’s made from quality rubber, you will be able to walk over any terrain effortlessly. It features smooth thread technology that makes it look excellent. This model costs low, and you will appreciate its strength and power.

9. Wanda Set of 4 New Sport

Wanda Set of 4 New Sport

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If you want ATV tires that feature a dynamic thread pattern, then this model is the best for you. Its rubber is deep, hence resistant to hard terrains. You will get a set of rear and front tires. The best thing about this model is its durability as it’s modeled from quality materials. If you are planning to make your cross-country racing a wonder, then these quality tires are made for you.

8. Cooper Adventurer A/T 90000019939

Cooper Adventurer A/T 90000019939

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Cooper is a durable tire designed from quality rubber. It’s done to last and serve you for years. The ability to splash away water makes your rubber last. The rubber design is excellent and grips firmly on the terrain. If you are looking for a better way to counter you’re the rough terrain and enjoy your riding experience, then these tires are ideal for you. They cost fairly hence a good option for saving your money.

7. Sun F A033

Sun F A033

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Sun F A003 is a strong model designed to last for ages. It features a large thread to cut through any terrain. You will be able to use it in mud, sand, and rocks without fear as its designed with deep rubber for durability. The set features four tires that comprise of non-directional design, making it secure for your travel. This design fits perfectly and features a right height for riding under speeds.

6. Kenda Bearclaw K299

Kenda Bearclaw K299

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This wheel is designed with a ring inside to prevent dents and tears when using. The quality of the tires is super as its made from durable rubber. Its knobs are large making the tires run through the mud or rough terrains with ease. If you want a tire that provides extra traction, then this model is easily available for you. It costs less and lasts long.

5. OTR 350 Mag

OTR 350 Mag

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This tire model is a high-quality design that features tough threads. It’s designed to serve you for a longer time. The rubber used is deeper to enable you to ride on rough and tough terrains without worrying. The surface of this tire is wide, hence of a stable riding experience. The tire features a ring that makes it stable and dents free. It costs fairly hence a value for your money.

4. Wanda P341

Wanda P341

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Have you been looking for a tire with shoulder blocks to protect its wearing and tearing, then this design is here for you. It features a v’ thread design that makes it wave through the mud with ease. The design comes in a set of four making it a complete fit for your motor. The sturdy rubber used is an assurance of durability and buying this design gives you a value for your money as the quality is high compared to other similar models.

3. Carlisle


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This tire features fine threads making it a good deal for your ride. It comes in different sizes, and its quality is standard. It’s made from quality rubber, hence durable. The threads are close to each other to ensure perfect traction when riding. These wheels can be fitted to the cars, fun carts among other small cars. They are the best selling and having it keeps you entertained as you will never experience wear and tear.

2. 2 New WANDA ATV Go Kart Tires

2 New WANDA ATV Go Kart Tires

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These tires feature a V’ shaped threads making it easy to splash water and mud away from the wheels. They are designed with a particular technology, making them stronger and tougher. This makes the tires durable and weather resistant. They cost less, hence a good deal for you.

1. Carlisle AT489C

Carlisle AT489C

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This tire has the best quality. The design is crafted from durable rubber, hence long lasting. Its threads are large and heavy, making it easy to move through mud and harsh terrains entirely. It’s a model that cost, cheaply hence readily available for your fun.

The tires described are designed for you as they contain all the features you need. Having them makes it easy for you to enjoy your sports and terrains. The list above brings everything closer to your doorstep. Make a decision to have one and be happy.

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