Top 10 Best Bean Bag Chairs In 2017 Reviews

Beanbag chairs are innovative household accessories that have replaced traditional sofa sets for several reasons. Made of plush filling and smooth fabric covers, for instance, their comfortable designs are perfect for lounging. They are cradle the body well, have lightweight and portable designs, and do not cost as much as traditional sofas do. However, this does mean that all types and or brands work the same. If you are sprucing your home’s interior and want value for money, make sure that your chair of choice is the correct size. Materials and filling should be of the best quality, and their designs customized to complement the overall look of your home. The 10 best include:

10. Chill Bag – Royal Blue

Chill Bag - Royal Blue

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Perfect for use in bedrooms, media rooms, and living rooms, this royal blue Chill Bag bean bag is a comfortable 4-feet accessory for lounging. Manufactured using memory foam, its filling is non-irritant and comfortable. The royal blue microsuede used to make its cover has a plush, good-looking, and has a durable inner liner that contains spills. It also has a concealed child safety zipper and a spacious 30 x 48 x 48-inch design that fits adults comfortably. This giant bean bag is machine washable and has sturdy double-stitched seams.

9. Chill Bag – Camel

Chill Bag - Camel

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Do not let the uncomfortable sofa in your home to dampen your experience whenever you are watching a movie. With cheap bean bag chairs such as Chill Bag – Camel now available online, order one to better your lounging or movie-watching experience. It has a spacious 6-foot design that accommodates adults and kids comfortably. Its plush microfiber cover is non-irritant, while the furniture-grade blend of memory foam used as filling is both comfortable and non-irritant. The material is also odorless and does not compress nor lose its luster over time. Chill Bag – Camel is machine-washable and reinforced to improve its longevity.

8. Chill Bag – Cinnabar

Chill Bag - Cinnabar

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Featuring a huge cinnabar-themed design that blends well in homes, Chill Bag is one of the best bean bag chairs for adults. Made of washable suede this comfortable chair is perfect for everyday use. You can use it whilst watching a movie. You can also use it whilst reading a book and clean it effortlessly when dirty. It is also easy to setup. After you have unzipped its cover, simply dump the provided memory foam filling into it to get a functional chair in minutes. Its concealed zipper is child-safe while its double stitched and lined design does not tear nor lose its shape over time.

7. Sofa Sack- Navy

Sofa Sack- Navy

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With this navy-themed bean bag chair from Sofa Sack, you get a comfortable 6-foot accessory for lounging indoors. Perfect for use in entertainment rooms, basements, and family rooms, its versatile design is fun-to-use. Its stability is impressive, while the ultra-durable fabric used to make it has earned it a spot in best bean bag chairs reviews. Whilst in use, it withstands abuse well without ripping or tearing. Its maintenance is easy (machine washable), while its smooth and well-finished surface is non-irritant. Sofa Sack has a soft and long lasting memory foam filling that enhances comfort levels further.

6. Cozy Sack – Buckskin

Cozy Sack – Buckskin

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Do you have approximately 7 feet of free space at home that you are looking to utilize efficiently? If you enjoy lounging indoors or binging on movies during your free time, a giant bean bag such as Cozy Sack – Buckskin will come in handy. Comfortable, the furniture-grade filling (memory foam) used to produce it perfect for lounging. Its microfiber cover is also comfortable, while its spacious 6.5 x 4.5-foot design accommodates both adults and kids well. Unlike some poorly made brands, this chair does not roll whilst in use. Instead, it cradles the body well to maximize support. It also has a child safety zipper and a protective liner that prevents filling from bursting out.

5. Jaxx Bean Bags Sofa

Jaxx Bean Bags Sofa

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Even though smaller than Cozy Sack – Buckskin bean bag listed, Jaxx Bean Bags Sofa is a comfortable lounger for adults. Measuring our feet, its relaxed informal design is comfortable to sit or sleep in. Styling (blueberry) is bright and interesting, while the quality microsuede used to make it is both durable and comfortable. If you have sensitive skin, therefore, you will have an enjoyable experience in this bean bag sofa. Stuffing (shredded polyurethane foam) is also durable perfectly balanced to support and keep users comfortable.

4. Big Joe Fuf

Big Joe Fuf

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As its name suggests, Big Joe Fuf is a giant bean bag chair that delivers custom comfort in homes. Perfect for lounging in basements, living rooms, and entertainment rooms, its spacious 6-foot design fits adults comfortably. The black twill microfiber used to make its cover is soft and durable. Its filling is optimal while its stable and supportive design benefits individuals with joint or back problems. Instead of aggravating your condition on a standard coach, buy this bean bag to stay comfortable and safe at the same time.

3. Cozy Sack – Chocolate

Cozy Sack – Chocolate

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This chocolate-themed bean bag from Cozy Sack is a stylish, durable, and comfortable chair for lounging. Measuring 6-feet is also large and made of quality materials that boost its value. Its microfiber cover, for instance, is chemical-free. Styling is eye-catching, while the child-safe zipper and the protective liner it comes with enhance the safety of users. Users also appreciate its comfortable foam filling that supports a lot of weight without crumbling or losing its shape.

2. Big Joe XL

Big Joe XL

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This extra-large Big Joe bean bag is a durable chair with a super spongy design that offers lasting comfort. Available in black onyx, its suede cover looks good. The fluffy upcycles filling used (foam) is earth-friendly, while its stable 6-foor design is perfect for movie watching and or lounging. Compared to traditional chairs, Big Joe XL is affordable. It is also easier to maintain (machine-washable) and has a stable and supporting design that you will enjoy using whilst reading a book.

1. Jaxx Giant

Jaxx Giant

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Proudly manufactured in the USA, Jaxx Giant is a spacious 7-foot bean bag sofa with a stain-proof charcoal theme. Multi-functional, its unique design fits up to three adults comfortably. It is also stable and contains finely shredded polyurethane filling that cradle the body well whilst lounging. Jaxx Giant has a machine washable zippered cover. Seams are flat and double-stitched to maximize its longevity, while its child safe design is ideal for use indoors.

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