Top 10 Best Bedside Reading Lamps in 2017 Reviews

Bedside reading lamps are practical when you want to make a relaxed reading session. This is the best way to advance your reading skills and do it in your convenient place. If you want to buy the best reading lamp, then you need to consider the pleasure the light brings to your eyes. Also, take note of its portability and stability. The lamp should be power saver hence economical. You also need to find out the material used in its design as you will be able to know the duration it will serve you. In the following review, we have analyzed for you the best bedside reading lamps with all the needed qualities. This will give you an easy time to choose your best deal as you look forward to experiencing the best reading environment.

10. Ben Bronze Metal Table Lamp Set of 2

Ben Bronze

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If you want a drum lined bedside lamp, then this set will serve you better. It has a relaxing light that lights on your reading material appropriately. You will be glad at how this light consumes power as it’s an energy saver model. It’s long to ensure maximum light is distributed while you are reading. It’s a cheap costing lamp that will save your money.

9. Brightech


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If you are looking for relaxing lights for all your cool parties, reading and other functions, then this design will be a great deal for you. It features USB ports where you can charge phones and other small electronic gadgets. It’s a great design that saves energy but gives out the best light. Since it’s made from quality materials, it remains beautiful as well as durable.

8. Minimalist


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This is a solid wood table lamp designed to be stable. Its light is eye pleasuring hence the best for all time reading.It features an on and off switch making it the simplest version to use. You can put it in your bedroom to experience relaxed and peaceful night. It’s a low costing model done to save your money as you get the best lighting quality.

7. Flesner Brushed

Flesner Brushed

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If you want a classic bedside lamp, then this beautifully finished model will do wonders for you. It features a steel finish hence a great design to last and never rust. You will be able to use its 360-degree illuminating abilities. It’s easy to switch on and off making it a good option for anybody. If you want to enjoy your night and experience peace as you lay beside your bed, then this model will work for you. You can also charge your appliances.

6. Elegant Designs LT1025-BLK

Elegant Designs LT1025-BLK

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This is a classic design featuring leather base. It’s stable and has a great height to illuminate all sides equally. It’s bright, hence a great reading light in your room. It’s relaxing and features an on and off switch making it easy to use. The white fabric shade makes it look elegant and classy hence a great deal for your home. It’s a fairly costing model, hence saves you money.

5. Elegant Designs LT1036-BLK

Elegant Designs LT1036-BLK

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This is a model designed to shine and give you the best illumination ever. It features a good lighting system. Its base is modeled from quality materials making it look beautiful. It’s also a sustainable model that will serve you for years. If you want to experience the beauty of lighting your home, then this design is yours. Get it at the best costs and enjoy.



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If you want to experience a cool and colorful night, then this model will work for you. It features a Bluetooth speaker where you can connect and listen to your favorite tune. It keeps the battery for a longer time hence a good option to spice up your night. The lamp features a sensor base, hence a great option for your automatic lighting. It costs fairly and could be the best thing for you to have.

3. Light Accents

Light Accents

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This is a great bedside lamp for your house. It features an artistic model making it a beautiful option to put in your bedroom. The lamp has good height, hence lights all the areas you need lit. It’s easy to use and since it’s designed from quality materials, expect it to serve you for life. It’s a low costing model that will give you the value for your money.



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If you want warm brightness, then this simple model will give you the best. It features a stable base and durable construction. You will love the way it illuminates your living room as well as your bedroom. It’s a great deal for those who want a peaceful reading time.

1. Limelights LT2024-WHT

Limelights LT2024-WHT

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This model features a beautiful construction to make your room beautiful. It’s an option that gives you a comfortable reading time, hence good for your mind. The light is bright to make your reading enjoyable. Its base is thin, making it portable and easy to operate. You will get it at great costs, hence saving your money.

If you want the best lamp deals for your reading, then the best ten lamps are reviewed for you. Go through and find a deal that suits you. This will transform the way you see your books, hence create more interest in reading and lighting your room.

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