Top 10 Best Bike for Girls In 2017 Reviews

Are you shopping for a durable gift for your baby girl that she will enjoy for years? Even though dolls are effective, most girls lose a liking for them, as they grow older. Clothing and shoes, on the other hand, are cliché products that most babies do not appreciate anymore. For the best experience, quality bicycles such as the top 10 we have reviewed are ideal. They are comfortable and fun to ride around. They are also durable, safe, and perfect for babies of most age groups.

10. Titan Girl’s Flower Princess

Titan Girl's Flower Princess

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Bicycles are fun accessories that also offered babies the much-needed workout during their early years of development. Quality models such as Titan Girl’s Flower Princess are also durable and have versatile designs that grow with babies over the years. With an original model, for instance, you get durable 16-inch wheels that ride well on all terrain. Its pink themed is striking, while the training wheels it comes with are sturdy and designed to maximize safety. You also get a free streamer, a storage basket, and a decently sized doll seat.

9. Schwinn Girls’ Petunia

Schwinn Girls' Petunia

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Schwinn Girls’ Petunia is a steerable 12-inch bicycle for babies with a charming white and pink theme. Although cheap, it has a durable and feature-rich design that you can adapt to suit your kid’s needs. The push handle (parental) that it comes with, for instance, is sturdy and removable. Its fully enclosed chain guard maximizes the safety of babies, while its heavy-duty frame and training wheels are invaluable. They can withstand abuse every day without damaging. Schwinn Girls’ Petunia has both front and rear fenders and an adjustable padded seat.

8. RoyalBaby Stargirl Girl’s Bike

RoyalBaby Stargirl Girl's Bike

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Available with sturdy training wheels, RoyalBaby Stargirl is a popular bike that is a perfect gift for most babies. Beginners and experienced babies find it fun to ride. Tires are durable and smooth rolling, while its padded seat and well-built pedals better the experience of babies. Approved for sale in most countries, this bike meets EN14765 and CPSC standards. The patented components it users, one the other hand, perform outstandingly for years. In Amazon, you can choose between a size 12, 14, and 16 depending on your baby’s stature and or needs.

7. Schwinn Girl’s Jasmine

Schwinn Girl's Jasmine

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With Schwinn Girl’s Jasmine, you get a purple-themed 16-inch bicycle that has featured in the best bike for girls reviews. Perfect for beginners, the training wheels it comes with are sturdy and built to support a lot of weight. Its frame is durable and its ergonomic seat designed to cradle babies comfortably for long. Schwinn Girl’s Jasmine has an effective rear coaster brake and front hand brake.

6. Shopkins Girls Dynacraft Bike

Shopkins Girls Dynacraft Bike

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Perfect for babies and youths, Shopkins Girls Dynacraft is an 18-inch bike with a decorative white, green, and pink theme. It also has fun graphics that kids appreciate and a multi-functional design with numerous desirable attributes. Each original has a comfortable and removable handlebar, for instance. It also has a comfortable saddle, a responsive coaster brake, and durable comfort grips. If you have a child aged 6-9 years that likes riding, this bike is among the best.

5. Monster High Girl’s Bike

Monster High Girl's Bike

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The benefits of buying BMX bikes are diverse. Kid-sized models such as Monster High, for instance, are agile accessories for doing tricks or for recreational use. The large 18-inch wheels it uses are professional-grade, while its coaster brake delivers instant stopping power on all terrain. This is ideal, particularly for parents with their baby’s safety in mind. As most brands listed, you get durable training wheels, hand brakes, and a deluxe girl theme.

4. Dynacraft Magna Starburst

Dynacraft Magna Starburst

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Buy the Dynacraft Magna Starburst, to get a comfortable 16-inch girl’s bike with a durable and kid-safe design. Styling (pink, white, and purple) is impressive, while its padded handlebar maximizes the comfort and performance of babies. Off the shelf, Dynacraft Magna Starburst comes partially assembled. Parts and its components are professional grade and recommended for kids ages 4-8 years.

3. Titan Girl’s Flower Power Princess

Titan Girl's Flower Power Princess

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As the Monster High Girl’s Bike listed, Titan Girl’s Flower Power Princess is a premium BMX bike with numerous kid-safe attributes. Wheels, for instance, are large (16 inches) and fitted with durable rubberized tires that grip all surfaces well. Its multi-colored frame is sturdy, while its sturdy fork and suspension system smooth rides well. This bicycle is affordable and comes partially assembled with sturdy training wheels, streamers, a doll seat, and a basket.

2. Radio Flyer 33P

Radio Flyer 33P

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Featuring a stable 12-inch design with a kid-safe dual deck design that works well, Radio Flyer 33P is a bestseller in this niche. Styled for girls, it has a charming outlook that babies appreciate. Turing radius is impressive, while its chrome handlebars orient the body naturally and comfortably. This bicycle also features a comfortable adjustable seat and ringing chrome bell.

1. Auki Kid Bike BMX Bike

Auki Kid Bike BMX Bike

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Do you have a 2-5 year old that enjoys riding bicycles? To get a comfortable and safe model she will enjoy riding every day, choose Auki Kid Bike BMX Bike. Measuring 12-inches, it rides comfortable on all terrain. Its blue frame is durable and eye-catching, while its adjustable saddle is comfortable and designed to grow with babies. Buyers get several free tools including a portable pump.


If you are looking to surprise your girl with a present for her birthday, do not buy standard toys such as dolls. Inject some activity into her life with one of our recommended 10 bikes for girls. They are baby-safe, comfortable, and have stylish and fun-to-use designs.

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