Best Blood Glucose Monitors in 2017 Rreviews

Large population around the world and nearly up to 40 million people in the USA alone have some forms of diabetes. A blood glucose monitor also commonly known as the glucometer has become an essential medical device in our life. It does not matter if you have had an experience with the disease diabetes or if you have recently been diagnosed with the disease. All you need is the best of the best available blood glucose monitor to help you manage the disease.

In most cases, it can be tempting to judge a glucometer solely depending on its initial cost. However, to assure you a monitor value is best measured by how much you can and willing to spend on test strip over a period. However, when you need to buy a glucometer you need to choose the most convenient and easy to use the following should also be considered: The testing time, visibility of the monitor readings, meter size, high-tech features such as Bluetooth and the Blood sample required,

8) The Orwell Bayer Contour complete monitor

The Orwell Bayer Contour complete monitor

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This glucose monitor is the best among its range of price.It offers more value for your money. The kit is a suitable complete starter’s kit. It is made for the elderly and the senior in the society who tend to prefer it over the other test kits. The device runs on 2AA batteries and requires no coding. The kit is customized with an alarm reminder. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about taking your test on time. The Bayer Contour kit is cheap to have and maintain in the long run. When purchased you get about 50 test strips and a control solution.

7) The Active 1st Bayer Contour (NEXT EZ TESTING KIT)

The Active 1st Bayer Contour (NEXT EZ TESTING KIT)

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The test monitor is very affordable and has proved to be among the best blood glucose monitors over time. The kit boasts excellence, and it packs with itself features that are hard to find in its price range. The monitor has a programmable reminder which acts as an alarm as well as recording small notes. What is more amazing about the kit is that as a user you can be able to apply blood at any angle as well as add additional blood if the first sample was not enough.

6) Freestyle freedom lite monitoring kit

Freestyle freedom lite monitoring kit

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Being the best Blood glucose monitor used in clinical tests. The glucometer boasts a very high reputation regarding consistency as well as giving a point on accurate results. The only drawback that the kit has is it does not have a backlight screen making it harder to check results in the dark. However, it is very easy to use as it only has two buttons and displays large numbers which are visible during the day or with a small source of light.

5) The Bayer Contour NEXT EZ blood glucose monitoring kit

The Bayer Contour NEXT EZ blood glucose monitoring kit

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This monitor costs around 35 dollars, and it continues to be one of the few inexpensive meters in the long run. According to various studies which have been carried around the meter continues to excel as well outperforming other monitors which are designed for point of care testing.

This control is affordable and subtle in size. It boasts an excellent reputation for its accuracy from leading consumer research is very reputable therefore it has undergone through various tests and scores as well as reviews. The meter is none coded, and this makes it convenient for the user as it does its job. The meter can be able to collect blood from any angle. If the first blood sample was not enough, then worry no more, the meter has an option of adding more blood to the test strip without you wasting more test strips.

The glucometer has a small screen which acts as its display unit. The screen can be able to present in more than ten languages. Also, it has a micro USB which can be used to transfer personal data to a personal computer. This blood glucose monitor is available online, and you can buy it from Amazon.

4) The Bayer contour glucometer model 9545c

The Bayer contour glucometer model 9545c

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This glucometer draws some good and excellent scores from consumer laboratory. The excellence of this monitor is due to its accuracy, and it boasts beautiful score based on its convenience and reliability. The monitor can read and record readings for up to 14 days. The readings are taken before or after a meal, and it only requires about 0.6-micrometer sample of blood. The device is very light as it weighs only 8 ounces and it is small in size making it easy to carry around. If you need to get a spot on readings, then this is the right monitor for you.

3) One Touch UltraMini, Blood Glucose monitor with a monitoring system blue 1 ea

One Touch UltraMini, Blood Glucose monitor with a monitoring system blue 1 ea

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This is a relatively expensive control kit.It costs around 49 dollars. This kit remains to be the best as it is very portable due to its small size. However, the kit is not ideal for people who have shaky hands and those who are suffering from arthritis.

2) The DSS precision Extra

The DSS precision Extra

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What makes this kit among the best to use is reliability and accuracy. You can never go wrong with it, and it will always give spot on results in just 5 seconds. The display of the kit is backlit therefore it is easier to take a reading even when in the dark. To get the excellent product, you should visit

1) The Accu-Check Accu-check monitoring system

The Accu-Check Accu-check monitoring system

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The control kit is ranked among the best available blood test devices in the market. With many clinical trials, this monitoring system stands out. It comes with a 500 reading memory function which can be able to calculate the average reading over a period. The kit is programmable and has four alarm reminders as well as an after and before meal is a very recommendable glucometer for everyone diabetic.

To get the most accurate reading from a monitor, you need to wash hands before taking a test and make sure the hands are dry to prevent diluting the blood sample. Therefore, if you can purchase one of the recommended types of glucometers above you will be sure that you have a companion to see you through you diabetes management journey.
Also, it is essential to use a control solution with a monitor and be sure to get a screen that will suit your need. This depends on the user interface of the screen as well choose the monitor which is quite readable even with eye disorders.

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