Top 10 Best Cordless Drills in 2017 Reviews

When drilling any surface, your safety is the first priority. You need to use a driller that will give you the best results. The market has a lot of drillers designed to make your work easier. The current technology features cordless drillers that work efficiently. These drillers feature an electric saving mechanism and can do various tasks. The driller should have a good handle that fits your arm comfortably. It should also feature high speeds and high performance. Besides, your drill of choice should be light weight. Lastly, consider looking at the price range as it should be a good-quality drill that costs less. To ensure you land on the best deal, we shall review the best cordless drills that contain all the necessary features to make your work easier and enjoyable.

10. Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX

Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX

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This cordless drill is designed from quality materials making it durable. It’s a lightweight model that never exhausts you while drilling. It features a comfortable handle that never injures your hand. It is a model that works at high speeds and brings the best result. It comes with a carry bag hence easy to transport. Get it at the lowest prices and enjoy its services.



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This model features a compact design made from quality materials. You will use it for ages. It’s capable of drilling in the wood, plastic and other materials. It features great speeds, and its operation is easy. The model has distinctive logos and matching colors. Experience the powerful drilling ability when using this model.

8. Pink Power PP182

Pink Power PP182

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This model has a lot of settings, making your work fine. It’s among the few models that feature LED lights making it easy to work in the dark. You will also enjoy the lightweight and compact design, making it easy for anyone to use. Unlike other models, this design is a cool model that features pink colors making it look classy. It cost relatively hence easy to acquire.

7. Genesis GCD18BK

Genesis GCD18BK

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This is a low voltage cordless drill that features a compact model. You will find it easy to use and fix. It features a robust drilling model, hence a good one for quicker drilling. It’s a lightweight design that is easy to transport and carry. It features 16 different settings, giving you quality output. It has a warrant of return in case it arrives in an unsatisfactory state of function.

6. Milwaukee 2407-20

Milwaukee 2407-20

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If you want a quality drill that will serve you for ages, then this model is ideal for you. It features an excellent drilling system with numerous setting to give you a fine output. The drill is small and saves your electricity while in use. You will feel comfortable while holding it in your arms. It’s a cheap costing model designed for you.

5. WORX Switchdriver

WORX Switchdriver

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This is a highly selling cordless drill on the market. It features a dual operational mechanism. It can drill as well as fit screws. The model has several settings to give you quality work. It’s a lightweight design that has been crafted with the latest technology to enable you to work efficiently. This drill comes with the best prices, hence easy to acquire.

4. Hitachi DB3DL2

Hitachi DB3DL2

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If you need a drill that will fit your screws faster, then you need this model. It features a powerful drilling power generated from the quality batteries. You will use it for a while due to its strength and design. This drill is light, hence easy to use and transport. Since it features a transportation and storage case, you will always keep it safe after use.

3. Makita CX200RB

Makita CX200RB

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This is a quality design crafted from high standard materials. It becomes a durable model that will serve you for a while. It’s a lightweight design that is easy to use and fix. It drills faster than similar models and has a cordless ability hence works efficiently. You will be amazed at how the machine works and the lowest prices it features. Therefore, if you want a quality drill, then this model is here for you.

2. Bosch PS31-2A

Bosch PS31-2A

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This is a small drill that works with high power. It is easy to use and fix. It’s a lightweight model that consumes less power. It drills faster, hence a good option for your drilling tasks. You will like the lower prices labelled on this machine, and that gives you the value for your money. If you are ready to transform your drilling experience, then this step could offer you relief.

1. Ryobi P208

Ryobi P208

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If you want a driller with many settings for efficient work, then you need this model. It features a quick drilling mechanism as well as a durable construction. This model is lightweight hence easy to use. The design has a LED light to enable you to drill in dark areas with ease. It features a magnetic area where the screws and metallic objects stick.

If you are looking for great drilling machines, then these cordless options are the best for you. Make a plan and go through the review. You will find what you have been looking for over the years.

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