Top 10 Best Corkscrews In 2017 Reviews

Imagine not being able to enjoy your wine drink just because you don’t have the right means to remove the cork! It might be not only hard, but also risky to use the inappropriate tool to get out the cork out of your wine bottle. You might end up breaking the cork or the bottle, therefore spoiling or spilling the wine. For that matter, corkscrew wine bottle opener is the ideal solution. It becomes fun and also safe to open wine bottles then. However, not all corkscrew models are excellent. As such, for the best featured model, the best corkscrews reviews below help you procure your most desirable deal you can be proud of. Read on.

10. HiCoup Wing Corkscrew

HiCoup Wing Corkscrew

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With a great ergonomic design, the HiCoup Kitchenware’s Wing Corkscrew wine opener features conveniently long wings, which gives you better leverage for pulling corks out of bottles. It also has soft-touch yet stable grips, while an integrated stopper prevents corks from breaking. Combining style and function, it is a sturdy wine bottle corkscrew opener that is substantially comfortable in the hand and elegant on the table. Wine lovers find it efficient and foolproof.

9. HiCoup Premium Corkscrew

HiCoup Premium Corkscrew

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Also by HiCoup Kitchenware, this is an impressive, precision-design wine bottle corkscrew opener. It offers incredible value, making it a top choice for waiters and sommeliers the world over. It is stylish, durable, and simple and safe to use. It’s low price aside, this is a great wine key that elegantly blends the right features of an excellent corkscrew, foil cutter, and bottle opener in its lovely stainless steel body plus comfortable-grip Rosewood handle.

8. ONME Rabbit Corkscrew

ONME Rabbit Corkscrew

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ONME presents the best rabbit wine bottle corkscrew opener in this model. It makes the perfect present for a birthday, wedding, or any other special day for your loved ones due to the included gift box as well as its efficient fashionable design. It features sturdy construction and provides easy lever action for seamless bottle opening in a single simple action. The product is in a set of the corkscrew, a spare screw, and a foil cutter.

7. Metrokane Houdini Electric Corkscrew

Metrokane Houdini Electric Corkscrew

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Electric corkscrew innovation has upped the wine bottle opening game a notch higher, providing greater efficiency and safety. Therefore, with a best model of this class, such as the Metrokane Houdini, wine moments are even more inspiring. It provides automatic cork pulling and ejection. In addition to sleek elegant velvet black design, it has an effective built-in foil cutter. See-through cork removal part and illumined LED screen keeps you notified of battery life.

6. Wine Enthusiast Legacy Corkscrew

Wine Enthusiast Legacy Corkscrew

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An enhanced model of the Wine Enthusiast’s royal antique corkscrew, this product offers years of effortless, fun wine bottle opening. Its smooth-gliding, smooth-coated worm efficiently removes corks with just a simple pull of the opener’s handle. It is made of durable zinc alloy, while the finish is of regal antique bronze. It is easily mountable on bar or table stand.

5. Sphinx 4K Gold Plated Corkscrew

Sphinx 4K Gold Plated Corkscrew

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When you buy this corkscrew, you embellish your home and at the same time stun your guests as you use this best wine bottle opener. It features special award-winning craftsmanship that inspires your wine moments with friends or family. Its handle is ergonomically designed for safe, comfortable grip. Due to its Teflon-coated frictionless screw and double-hinged seamless lever action, you experience effortless cork removal. It makes a perfect gift since in comes in exclusive Cat Lover gift packaging. Foil cutter is included.

4. Trudeau Corp. Turbo Corkscrew

Trudeau Corp. Turbo Corkscrew

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Trudeau Corp.’s Turbo double lever corkscrew is another stunningly efficient model you can trust. It removes corks twice faster than the traditional models. Although its spiral’s length is similar to regular corkscrews’, its design reduces your effort by 50%. It is strong and durable since it is made of stainless steel and zinc. Moreover, included serrated knife ensures easy foil cutting, while a superior performance bottle opener positions Trudeau Corp. Turbo a beer and wine lovers’ favorite.

3. OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew

OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew

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However stubborn, no cork can prevent you from enjoying your favorite wine when you use the OXO’s vertical lever corkscrew. It smoothly and quickly removes corks in two simple moves. Its die-cast zinc handle has soft yet stable grips, providing comfortable use, while non-stick screw easily glides into corks. A simple pump of the lever releases corks effectively from the corkscrews. A removable foil cutter is included. An ideal addition to your barware collection, this product comes with extra-screw for added value.

2. Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Corkscrew

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Corkscrew

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A fully cordless corkscrew wine opener, Ozeri’s Nouveaux II is another electric model that is quite popular for its superb performance. It opens natural and also synthetic corks with ease. Ergonomic grip handle provides comfort and ease of use. Top-grade materials, durability, fashionable design, and hassle-free performance make the Nouveaux II a favorite companion of many wine lovers. It includes foil cutter, wine pourer, and stopper for added convenience.

1. Ipow Wing Corkscrew

Ipow Wing Corkscrew

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Befitting an honorable place among the best corkscrews reviews, this is a wonderful product made of zinc alloy body and top-performance stainless steel corkscrew. It is sturdy and also flexible, while its soft-touch panels provide easy-grip and comfort. Strong lever arms make cork removal a breeze, while its design guarantees timeless style. It is perfect for bar, home, or restaurant use, for your casual wine drink or romantic moment.

You do not have to embarrass yourself before your guests by straining to open a wine bottle using inappropriate and risky tools. You can always ensure a calm, romantic, effortless cork removal with any of the stunning models in the above ten best corkscrews reviews. Purchase yours today for a more relaxed and rewarding wine experience.

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