Top 10 Best Desk Lamps for Reading in 2017 Reviews

When you want to buy the best desk lamp, then your choice could determine the mood of reading or doing any activity on your desk. This calls for a careful selection of a quality lamp that will give you a peace of mind when doing your activities. There are some things that you need to consider before you buy your lamp. These include the inclining angle of the lamp, the stability, energy saving and the amount of light it lets out. You can also look at the cost to ensure you are making a quality purchase with a reasonable price. In the following review, we have sampled the best desk lamps for reading, and this selection has carefully taken care of your needs. If you want a reading lamp, then the following list will be of great help to you.

10. Tao Tronics

Tao Tronics

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If you want a natural desk lamp that is pleasant to your eyes, then this model is perfect for you. You will love the way it lights your desk for easy reading. It features a dimming option, hence giving you the freedom to set your comfortable lighting. Note that this lamp has a right height and features USB ports for charging. It’s a sustainable model that will give you the best.

9. Anker Lumos

Anker Lumos

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This is a lamp with an adjustable arm designed to give you the best light. It features a USB port for charging. Its digital hence easy to light. Enjoy different levels of lighting and energy saving options. This light is easy to install and gives pleasure to your eyes. It’s easy to transport hence can be used on any table at the time you need its services. It’s a cheap option that features quality applications.



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This is a black dimmable LED; light for your desk reading. It’s easy to set up and adjust its height for comfortable reading. It’s made to save energy as well as give your eyes a relaxing reading experience. The LED bulb is made to last for years. You will also experience the durability of your lamp as its made from durable materials. This lamp has a USB port where you can charge your phone and other appliances.



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This is a modern lamp designed with then modern technology. It’s a lamp that will give the best experience as compared to others. Since it features different adjustable positions, you can place it anywhere and direct the light to where you want. The bulb and the magnifying mirror allow you to get quality light when you need it. This lamp can work during the daytime as the settings are excellent.

6. LED Desk Lamp, Lemontec

LED Desk Lamp, Lemontec

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If you want an eye caring lamp, then this version will work perfectly for you. It’s a lamp that is designed to give out excellent light, making it a great option for your table. This light is dimmable and features digital settings. You can also use it for charging as it has a USB port. The LED lamp has several settings to allow comfortable reading.

5. LE Dimmable

LE Dimmable

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If you are looking for an excellent lamp for your reading purposes, then this model is a great deal. It’s a cheap costing design made to last. Note that this light features dimming options, hence good for your eyes. Similarly, you will experience an energy saving model that is designed to last for ages. It’s a slim design that stands stable on your desk. Use it for your charging as it features USB ports.

4. Globe Electric 35″

Globe Electric 35"

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This is a model that is adjustable, hence a good option for your reading. It features different settings making it a safe option for your eyes. It has a great length, making it light the areas you want. It also features a heavy and stable base, and this will make it stand in position and remain stable even when the table shakes. The lamp has a big bulb to give you enough light.

3. Newhouse


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If you want a great light that illuminates your room brightly, then the sleek model will work for you. It’s easy to mount and use. You will love its portability and the ease of use. The lamp is designed to last long making it a good deal for long time use. It features a good length that allows you to light the areas you need.

2. Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor

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This is an adjustable lamp that lets you light broad areas. It’s an option for closed room table reading. It’s dimmable hence good for your eyes. The digital settings allow you to get the right light for your table. It costs cheaply.

1. OxyLED OxyRead T33

OxyLED OxyRead T33

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This is a lamp that you can direct to the side you want to light. It has a mounting clip, hence a good option for your reading. Note that this lamp gives great light and features a stable base. It’s easy to carry from one place to the other hence a great deal for you.

If you want excellent lighting on your reading desk, then make a decision to have one lamp from the above list and you will appreciate the value.

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