Top 10 Best Kid Bean Bag Chairs In 2017 Reviews

Do you have a child that enjoys reading paperback or digital storybooks at home? Does your child enjoy playing games during his or her free time? To maximize comfort, replace his or her standard chair with one of our recommended bean bags for kids. Their smooth filling and plush fabric covers cradle the body well to keep kids reading comfortably for long. They also support the back well and are attainable in stylish kid-friendly colors that blend well in homes.

10. Chill Bag – Royal Blue

Chill Bag – Royal Blue

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Kids have fragile bodies that require optimal support whenever they are reading or lounging. To maximize this effect without spending substantial amounts on an ergonomic chair, this royal blue chill bag is an ideal alternative. Made of premium micro suede, its smooth and non-irritant cover is fun to lay on. Filling (furniture-grade memory foam) is also comfortable and designed to cradle the body well for optimal support. This bean bag has a non-irritant child-safe zipper and a lined and double stitched design measuring 22 x 44 x 22-inches.

9. ECR4Kids Classic

ECR4Kids Classic

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A popular beanbag among kids and parents alike, ECR4Kids Classic is a well-made junior-sized (26-inches) chair for indoor use. Retailing in assorted colors, its good-looking design has a relaxing effect on users. Its roomy and well-padded design is perfect for learning, while the heavyweight vinyl used to make its cover is kid-safe. Unlike the traditional fabric commonly used to make adult-sized beanbags, vinyl resists physical abuse better. It is also smoother, waterproof, and very easy to clean (wipeable) using water and a mild soap. Instead of foam, it has comfortable polystyrene beads that retain their shape well over time.

8. Gold Medal 30011246824TD

Gold Medal 30011246824TD

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Gold Medal 30011246824TD has a charming leather look and a large teardrop shape that kids appreciate. It is super-comfortable. Its supportive non-slip design orients the body naturally, while its kid-safe USA-made design lacks both chemical and physical irritants. Its hidden zipper, for instance, does not pinch nor irritate sensitive skin. You also get a kid-safe filling (polystyrene beads) and double-stitched seams that do not rip over time.

7. Leachco Pillay

Leachco Pillay

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With Leachco Pillay, you get a top-grade sling-style lounger for kids made of 100% polyester. The material has a plush and well-finished design that keeps babies comfortable. Its adjustable center panel delivers versatile support, while its generously sized (38 x 32 x 12-inches) body fits both toddlers and older children. Ideal for watching TV, reading, and lounging at home, Leachco Pillay has contoured sides that improve warmth and comfort.

6. GoMoji Upbeat

GoMoji Upbeat

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GoMoji Upbeat is a 28 x 28 x 14-inch bean bag chair for kids with a stylish SILLY theme that complements the theme of most kid’s rooms. Durable, the high-grade polyester fabric used to make its cover does not rip easily. It is also easy to maintain, double-stitched to maximize stability, and has a quality filling that improves sitting position. Unlike traditional chairs that strain kids, therefore, your loved one will enjoy using this beanbag when reading or entertaining.

5. Flash Furniture Small Lavender

Flash Furniture Small Lavender

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Do you want a quality bean bag chair for kids that will sink your child into comfort at home? This small lavender-themed model from Flash Furniture works wonders. Perfect for kids of all ages, its ergonomic design cradles the body comfortably. It is also light, portable, and has breathable cotton twill upholstery that does not trap heat. The removable slipcover offered is machine washable without losing its shape.

4. Big Joe Soccer

Big Joe Soccer

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Everyday products such as soccer balls make excellent kids accessories. They are fun looking. Their kid-safe shapes are innovative, while their instantly recognizable designs appeal to kids of all ages. If you want a quality bean bag chair for your kid, for instance, Big Joe Soccer works best. The smart max fabric used to make it is stylish, comfortable, and stain resistant. Its zipper and stitches are kid-safe, while its spot cleanable design is ideal for everyday use. When dirty, simply wipe it with a damp cloth to restore its charming outlook.

3. Disney Minnie Mouse

Disney Minnie Mouse

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Measuring 18 x 18 x 21-inches, this Minnie mouse-themed Disney bean bag for babies is a comfortable sofa chair for toddlers. The poly filling used is kid-safe and durable. Its light and portable design is easy to move between rooms, while its removable vinyl cover is easy to maintain. You can spot clean it. You can also unzip it and dump it in a washing machine for thorough cleaning.

2. Big Joe Classic (Polka Dot)

Big Joe Classic (Polka Dot)

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Featuring a girly pink polka dot theme that kids appreciate, Big Joe Classic is a trendy baby-safe beanbag chair. Recommended for kids of all ages, its comfortable seat is perfect for lounging and reading. Filling (ultimaX beans) is professional-grade, while its tight-locking zipper contains fill well to prevent messes. Whether you kid rolls or jumps on this chair, it will never burst open nor compromise his or her safety in any way. Big Joe Classic is spacious (88-inches), spot cleanable, and available in assorted patterns and colors.

1. American Furniture Alliance – Pink Flower

American Furniture Alliance – Pink Flower

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Your baby will love this professional-grade beanbag from American Furniture Alliance. Its pink flower theme, for instance, has an attractive and kid-friendly outlook. Sizing is comfortable, while the premium filling and zippered fabric used to make it are both kid-safe. They do not irritate sensitive skin, for instance. Maintenance is easy (spot cleanable) while its lightweight design is easy to carry around. You and or your kid can move it effortlessly within and between rooms with minimal effort.

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