Top 10 Best LED & LCD TVs In 2017 Reviews

TV has become a necessary home electronic device in this day and age. With an ever improving technological innovation field, the world has seen incredible improvements in the electronic communication platform, and TVs are not left behind. In this regard, the introduction of LED and LCD TVs has upped the game a notch higher. Such models feature flat ultra-sleek designs, and provide evidently clear picture quality and several other premium features, thus bringing entertainment to immersive experience. However, the influx of many models on the market makes it somewhat subtle for one to tell the best ones apart. There different prices, too, may be confusing. To avoid a regrettable deal, ensure to choose your favorite from among the following top 10 best LED & LCD TVs reviews. Read on to discover.

10. Samsung H4000 LED TV

Samsung H4000 LED TV

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The Samsung H4000 LED TV is a pretty great pick for your improved entertainment experience, whether you want it in your bedroom or your dorm room. It is a 24-inch, 720p Samsung HDTV that provides a broad range of color and clarity options, allowing you to relax and savor your choice movies as well as shows. It further features USB for connecting your other devices directly to access music, videos, and also photos. Thanks to an included standard remote control, you have all the convenience of operation.

9. Samsung J6200 Smart LED TV

Samsung J6200 Smart LED TV

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Samsung J6200 Series LED is a 60-inch Smart TV that allows you to enjoy full HD 1080p resolution and vibrant color picture for crystal clear viewing experience. Due to its Smart TV technology, you can access games, movies, streaming services, plus a lot more apps for easy access to your choice media. Moreover, you can surf the internet via integrated Wi-Fi, and also use its screen-mirroring feature when you want to play mobile content. Seamless motion is delivered by the Motion Rate 120, while DTS Premium Sound 5.1 ensures high-definition surround sound. The TV’s eco sensor helps in energy efficiency. It includes a standard remote control.

8. Sony W650D Smart LED TV

Sony W650D Smart LED TV

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With its X-Reality PRO feature, the Sony KDL48W650D allows you to enjoy extraordinary sharpness, clarity, and picture quality in anything you are watching. Its noise reduction feature ensures only refined sound, as you want it. It is doubtless a great pick featuring 48-inch screen and providing full HD 1080p resolution in all entertainment. TV shows or Blu-ray discs, it is all perfect on this Sony TV big screen. Moreover, built-in Wi-Fi allows you to browse movies online, enjoy video channels such as YouTube, and also access other TV services such as Hulu and Netflix. Furthermore, you can easily stream favorite entertainment from the Internet and your wireless home network and download various apps without putting up with cable clatter.

7. Samsung J5000 LED TV

Samsung J5000 LED TV

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Providing Full HD 1080p resolution and integrated premium-grade surround sound system, the J5000 from Samsung is another device not in any way mean among the tribe of the best LED TVs. Featuring wide color enhancer, images pop up on the 50-inch screen, while its Motion rate 60 provides pretty clear moving image resolution. You can use its HDMI input to enjoy greater quality video and audio, while listening to your favorite music, video, or watching photos from another device plugged via the USB port. It includes an effective standard remote control for added convenience.

6. Samsung KS8500 Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Samsung KS8500 Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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Here is something more by Samsung. The Curved 65-inch 4k SUHD TV fully revolutionizes your viewing experience due to its Quantum Dot nano-Crystal innovative technology. The KS8500 series packs highly innovative features that provide a remarkably High Dynamic Range image experience, no matter the lighting condition of your room. It also allows you to access favorite content streaming services faster, easier thanks to included premium-grade design smart remote control.

5. LG Electronics LH550B Smart LED TV

LG Electronics LH550B Smart LED TV

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In a sleek slim 32-inch design and 720p resolution, the LG Electronics’ LH5500 Smart LED TV offers a wonderful way to experience high-definition image clarity. Thanks to its energy efficient yet bright LED backlighting, you savor wonderfully vivid colors. Moreover, it has nimble Smart TV interface for easy streaming of favorite content.

4. TCL 32S3800 Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 32S3800 Roku Smart LED TV

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TCL is among the best-selling world’s TV brands. Roku is the most rated streaming service in America. The two bring you the latest in design and Smart TV technology. The result is TCL S3800 32-inch screen 720p resolution LED TV that allows you to enjoy great picture quality while being able to select from over 2,000 content streaming channels for more than 200,000 TV episodes and movies, as well as news, live sports, music, family and kids programs, science and tech and fitness programs, etc. for convenience, it includes a remote control.



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From TLC again, the LE40FHDE3010 40-inch LED TV delivers full HD 1080p image quality with 60Hz frame-rate and LED backlight. This allows you to enjoy smooth action movie, convenient sound quality, and bright vivid image color. True Color feature brings you the most naturally realistic color to your pictures, while Smart Volume stabilizes the sound whenever you zap channels or over the commercials. It is an energy efficient model that is Energy Star rated, and includes a remote control for added convenience.

2. VIZIO D32-D1 LED Smart TV


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With 1080p Full HD, VIZIO D-32-D1 provides high-definition 32-inch screen TV with crystal clear image quality. Its integrated Wi-Fi allows for easy and clutter-free access to the VIZIO Internet Apps Plus, so that you may enjoy the most recent hit TV shows, movies, and also music. Moreover, you can access other greater apps from the Internet straight to the TV. Its Full-Array LED Backlight ensures superior light evenness for top-notch picture performance. The TV also has 2 HDMI ports for easy connection to all your mobile entertainment devices.

1. Samsung H5203 Smart LED TV

Samsung H5203 Smart LED TV

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Topping the best LED & LCD TVs reviews, Samsung H5203 40-Inch HDTV’s 1080p resolution plus Clear Motion Rate 120 offer clear, detailed image viewing experience. With this Smart LED TV, you can also stream latest movies, games and TV shows easily thanks to access to media through its Smart TV properties and the built-in Wi-Fi. Moreover, a universal remote control is included for greater user convenience. You also can link your mobile devices for greater, more immersive entertainment.


You can upgrade today from standard HD TV to Smart LED TV and thus enjoy greater entertainment in a sleek, slim design device that is also energy efficient by choosing your favorite from the above best LED & LCD TVs reviews. Any of these options that fits your budget while offering satisfying features will suffice your entertainment tastes.

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