Top 10 Best Meat Grinder Reviews In 2017 Reviews

Minced meat is a popular protein-rich food that forms part of most cuisines. In sausages, for instance, this common ingredient that keeps people coming back for more. It is also common in bratwurst, pepperoni, and other meaty foods that individuals enjoy all over the world. Unfortunately, because of its popularity, most stores charge outrageous amounts for this often cheap food that you can prepare easily at home. With one of the 10 meat grinders that we have reviewed, for instance, you will be able to grind all meats (beef, chicken, and even fish) hassle-free. Their top-of-the-line counter-mounted designs are durable, while their efficient designs work fast with minimal wastage.

10. LEM Products Hand Grinder

LEM Products Hand Grinder

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Many individuals have depended on hand grinders such as LEM Products to make minced meat at home with positive results. Even though manual, for instance, its all-steel clamp-on design never disappoints. It is rust resistant, durable, and has a safe BPA-free construction that does not contaminate food. Its wide opening accommodates various meats, while its interchangeable stainless steel plates produce both fine (3/16) and coarse (3/8) minced meat. It also has a free stainless steel knife for preparing meats for mincing and interchangeable (1/2, 3/4, and 7/8-inch) stuffing tubes for making sausages.

9. Sunmile SM-G31

Sunmile SM-G31

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The benefits of using an electric grinder are diverse. Unlike standard manual models, their high-powered designs work faster. Results are also better in homes and commercial establishments such as restaurants. To get an affordable one with the foregoing attributes, Sunmile SM-G31 work well. Powered by an 800-watt electrical motor, it handles both light and heavy-duty grinding jobs well. Cutting plates (three) are made of BPA-free stainless steel, while the three sausages stuffers offered work well. Apart from mincing up to 150 pounds of meats per hour, you can also prepare delicious sausages on demand with this machine.

8. Sunmile SM-G33

Sunmile SM-G33

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As the Sunmile SM-G31 mincer listed, Sunmile SM-G33 is a high-powered (800-watts) electrical meat grinder with a compact easy-to-use design. Made of stainless steel, the three grinding plates and sausage makers offered are durable and BPA-free. Its 1HP motor is quiet and efficient, while its impressive capacity (170 pounds per hour) makes it an ideal household and commercial grinder. For safety, Sunmile SM-G33 has a reverse function and a circuit breaker that prevents it electrical motor from burning out.

7. Bellemain Manual

Bellemain Manual

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Bellemain Manual is a durable hand meat grinder that has helped many individuals to eat healthy at home. Instead of buying preserved minced meats from stores, you can easily make your own effortlessly. Even though simple, its hand-cranked system is efficient and very easy to use. Its control is easier, while the strong suction base on its body secures it well in tables and countertops for safer operation. With each purchase, you get a stainless steel disk and cutting blade.

6. Gideon Hand Crank Grinder

Gideon Hand Crank Grinder

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Perfect for grinding meats, vegetables, fruits, and spices such as garlic, Gideon is a valuable manual mincer. Hand cranked, you do not require an electrical connection to use this machine. Once you have clamped it on your countertop, you can mince ingredients manually on demand. Made of heavy-duty steel, its blades are durable. Its plastic and steel body is also durable, while its safe and ergonomic design is perfect for home use. Gideon is dishwasher-safe. It also has a light and compact design that you can travel with effortlessly.

5. F&W Kitchen Basics

F&W Kitchen Basics

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A popular 3-in-1 household accessory, F&W Kitchen Basics is a valuable meat grinder that doubles as a sausage and pasta maker. It also minces vegetables and spices quickly and has a food-safe white-themed body that blends well in traditional and contemporary kitchens. As most hand-cranked mincers, F&W Kitchen Basics is dishwasher-safe. Blades are sharp and made of BPA-free stainless steel, while its space efficient 7.5 x 5-inch design does not clutter kitchens.

4. Norpro Meat Grinder

Norpro Meat Grinder

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The versatility of this Norpro Meat Grinder has made it a favorite of individuals and chefs alike. Its stainless steel body is durable. Screens, plates, and all other attachments are professional-grade, while its sturdy suction secures it well on countertops/tables for safe operation. If you enjoy meaty and or shredded vegetable cuisines, this FDA-approved mincer, grinder, and pasta maker is a must-have at home.

3. Sportsman MHG22 #22

Sportsman MHG22 #22

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In best meat grinder reviews, Sportsman MHG22 #22 is a popular accessory with a convenient bolt down design that user appreciate. Set up is simple. The BPA-free cast-iron used to make it is durable, while its ergonomically built wooden handle enables users to mince longer without getting tired. At full capacity, Sportsman MHG22 #22 minces up to four pounds of meat per minute. Its coated body is easy to clean while the premium cutting plates (two), cutting knife, and sausage tubes (three) offered last long.



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A bestselling electric meat grinder in stores in most reputable web stores, STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce delivers fast professional results indoors. Whilst expensive than traditional manual grinders, you get an advanced three-speed mincer that grinds most meats effectively. Plates are efficient and made of durable stainless steel, while its high-powered motor (300 watts) works reliably for years. Measuring 19 x 8-inches, this mincer works well in tight spaces. It also features effective safety features (high/low reverse and a circuit breaker) that will keep you safe indoors.

1. Hamilton Beach Weston #10

Hamilton Beach Weston #10

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Top on our list, this manual Weston #10 meat grinder from Hamilton Beach has a large 3×4-inch hopper that works well. Instead of grinding small cubes of meat, you can mince them in bulk and save valuable time. The free sausage stuffer offer works efficiently. Its adjustable burrs improve grind control, while its ergonomic handle is very easy to use. It cranks smoothly without irritating wrists, as some comparable brands often do.

Which is the best meat grinder for home or commercial use? If you enjoy fresh ground meats or like making meaty sausages at homes, the 10 meat grinders that we have selected work best. Whether you buy a manual or electrical model, you receive a top-grade accessory that works fast and efficiently is all settings.

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