Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes In 2017 Reviews

Mountain biking is a popular recreation activity that is also perfect for weight loss. Even though enjoyable, the quality of the equipment that you use should be top notch to maximize comfort and safety. Instead of purchasing any random bike, for instance, the model you choose should be durable and optimized to support your weight. If you weigh 200 pounds, for instance, but purchase a mountain bike that supports up to 150 pounds, expect a negative experience. Tires, on the other hand, should be large and smooth rolling and its suspension system designed to work well on bumpy off-road environments. To eliminate guesswork, this article has reviewed 10 of the best bikes.

10. Schwinn Protocol 1.0

Schwinn Protocol 1.0

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Perfect for experienced and novice male cyclists, Schwinn Protocol 1.0 performs well on single tracks and tough off-road terrains. Light, durable, and with well-finished seams that withstand abuse well, its aluminum frame is durable. Its ergonomic design positions the body well, while its advanced suspension system (dual) smooths rides. Couples with its large 26-inch wheel, you will explore most terrains easily and with positive results. You also get durable alloy rims, an MTB handlebar, and powerful disk brakes (Pro Max).

9. Mountain Bikes Exercise Bike

Mountain Bikes Exercise Bike

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For decades, individuals have preferred cycling to other forms of exercise because of its effectiveness. With this high-performance mountain bike from Mountain Bikes, the experience is even better, considering its feature-rich design. Wheels, for instance, are extra-sturdy 26-inch alloy models that withstand outdoor abuse well. Its hybrid frame (steel) fits both men and women, while its 18-speed system (Shimano derailleur) never disappoints. You can adjust it easily using this bike’s handlebar-mounted SRAM shifters to improve how you explore your favorite trails.

8. Nashbar AT1 29er

Nashbar AT1 29er

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The first choice for most professional cyclists, Nashbar AT1 is an affordable 29-inch mountain bike that is incredibly durable. Because of its sturdy steel frame and 75mm suspension fork, trail feedback is also excellent on most terrain. Whether you are cycling off-road or on the tarmac, you will have memorable results with this one of a kind bicycle. Other desirable attributes are its responsive V brakes, 7-speed drivetrain (Shimano), and ergonomic handlebars that position the body comfortably whilst cycling.

7. BEIOU 650B


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Are you shopping for a long lasting mountain bike for everyday use? BEIOU 650B is a high-performance model made from carbon fiber. Compared to steel bikes available in stores, it has a lightweight structure (10.7 kilograms) that you will never have a problem cycling. Height (27.5-inches) is optimal, while its 30-speed derailleur (Shimano) boosts its versatility. For comfort, you get a padded seat, ergonomic handlebar, and a responsive fork suspension system. For safety, this bicycle has hidden yet powerful disk brakes.

6. Gravity FSX 1.0

Gravity FSX 1.0

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Released in 2017, Gravity FSX 1.0 is a versatile bike with a dual full suspension system and a durable aluminum frame. The frame is also rustproof and has a natural structure that soothes users. In synergy with its padded seat, forget about lower back pain when cycling. Gravity FSX 1.0 has responsive brakes (rear and front), easy-to-use shifters, and double-walled rims with a quick release technology.

5. Vilano Blackjack 3.0

Vilano Blackjack 3.0

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Fitted with large 29-inch wheels, Vilano Blackjack 3.0 is an adult-sized MTB mountain bike with a sturdy butted alloy frame. Wheels (double walled) are also made of rust proof alloy, while its lockout suspension fork absorbs shock well to smooth rides. You also get an 8-speed Shimano derailleur, integrated EF-51 shifters, and a budget friendly design that works well on rail trails, roads, and paths.

4. Diamondback Bicycles 2016

Diamondback Bicycles 2016

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Released in 2016, Diamondback Bicycles 2016 remains popular in best mountain bikes reviews because of its quality of construction. Featuring a responsive full suspension system, it rides smoothly on all terrain. Its frame and wheels (alloy) are durable. Its fully adjustable handlebar is novel, while its padded seat keeps users comfortable longer. During your long trips, you will have memorable results.

3. Merax Hardtail

Merax Hardtail

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As the Diamondback brand, Merax is a trusted manufacturer of bicycles. With this Hardtail edition, you get a 26-inch mountain bike that lasts long. Although economical and considered entry level, it has a fully featured design with a high-grade suspension fork that smooths rides. Brakes (dual disk) are responsive, while its aluminum frame supports up to 330 pounds. Merax Hardtail has a one-year warranty.

2. Kent Thruster KZ2600

Kent Thruster KZ2600

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Kent Thruster KZ2600 is a 26-inch dual-suspension mountain bike with a sturdy aluminum frame (MBT) that supports over 200 pounds. Fully suspended (65mm travel fork), it rides smoothly on all terrain. Its alloy rims are dent and rust proof, while the 21 speed Shimano shifters it comes with make riding fun. For safety, Kent Thruster KZ2600 has responsive disk brakes that deliver instant stopping power.

1. Roadmaster Granite Peak

Roadmaster Granite Peak

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Whether you enjoy riding on paths or exploring rugged terrains, the Roadmaster Granite Peak is an excellent bicycle to use. Perfect for women, its steel frame is durable. Its low profile geometry is easy to mount and ride, while its durable 26-inch alloy wheels do not rust nor bend easily as low-grade ones often do.


If you enjoy cycling for fun or for staying fit, the quality of your bicycle mirrors the experience you will get. Our 10 recommended models, for instance, are durable mountain bikes that ride well on all terrains. They have durable components. They also have well-balanced designs with durable rims that never disappoint.

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