Top 10 Best Portable Screen Projectors In 2017 Reviews

When you frequently do projector enhanced presentations in various places, you surely need to have a great portable screen projector. Screen projector allows you to comfortably and clearly view videos, images, as well as files from your laptop through your projector. Especially if you conduct numerous workshops, you then need a portable model. Moreover, you can use it for party and movie nights, picnic, or camping events. Portable projector screens are simple to store, carry, and also set up. However, you may not easily distinguish the best ones, especially if you are a beginner. To help you out, here down are the best portable screen projectors reviews to equip you with the right details for the best deal on the market.

10. VIVO PS-T-084 Projector Screen

VIVO PS-T-084 Projector Screen

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Including a functional foldable tripod stand, the Vivo PS-T-084 projector screen is simple to set up and take down due to its easy-to-use design and features. Also a lightweight, you can easily take or store it conveniently anywhere. It is an 84-inch screen whose qualities make it an ideal tool for performing professional/academic presentations or creating an immersive home theater with your projector.

9. Safeplus Tripod Projection Screen

Safeplus Tripod Projection Screen

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With top-grade matte white surface, this projector offers 70 square-inches viewing area that is just excellent. Its steady yet portable tripod makes setup and take-down easy. Moreover, the screen has 4-side black masking borders for improved picture focus and contrast, resulting in the best rate video image. It is therefore ideal for classroom training, home theaters, public displays, conference presentations, and more. The screen is easy to wipe-clean.

8. Camp Chef OS92L Outdoor Movie Screen

Camp Chef OS92L Outdoor Movie Screen

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This is a big 92-inch projector screen ideal for outdoor presentations. It is made of durable oxford nylon, a reflective material that makes it ideal for enriched colors and high resolution image clarity. Its design offers front projection, which makes it quite versatile in both indoor and outdoor projector purposes. It is great for business seminars, movies, gaming, sporting events, etc. Set up and take-down is a breeze.

7. Visual Apex 120HD Projector Screen

Visual Apex 120HD Projector Screen

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Projector screens by Visual Apex are ideal for backyard party movies or family night theaters. This portable model is designed to provide easy setup as well as take-down. Its one-piece quick-fold frame is of top-grade square aluminum tubing, and utilizes a snap-into-place easy-assemble method, thus keeping the fabric fully flat at all points. The quality matte white screen offers 160-degree viewing angle, while its 4-inch black border keeps images vividly clear. It can be used with 2D, 3D, or Ultra 4K projectors.

6. Excelvan Outdoor Projector Screen

Excelvan Outdoor Projector Screen

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Made of top quality PVC fabric, this is another projection screen model that features durable matte white surface. This makes it a perfect choice for ambient light settings. The screen evenly diffuses light, providing great visual experience with optimal color and image reproduction. In addition to adhesive velcros, this is a more convenient choice for its simple setup and take-down design.

5. Pyle PRJTP53 Projector Screen

Pyle PRJTP53 Projector Screen

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The Pyle PRJTP53 is another awesome pick of a projection screen. It has a convenient Fold-Up design ideal for an easy and quick HD projector viewing surface set up. It is also lightweight, with an easily portable retractable design for convenient projection screen wherever it is needed. You just pull it up then lock it in secure place. Its matte white view surface boasts an auto-lock mechanism that seamlessly rolls out fast. Black masking border provides optimum image alignment and focus. Use it for office, home, or classroom purposes.

4. Elite Screens Tripod Projector Screen

Elite Screens Tripod Projector Screen

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When you often use screen projector and you are therefore looking for a heavy-duty model, Elite Screens T50UWS1 is the answer. It is a unique screen projector with multi-layer weave and provides 180-degree wide yet convenient viewing angle. The full black backed front quality projection screen has textured surface that, together with the other features, deliver HD projector smooth images to your audience. Moreover, its auto-lock mechanism offers easy operation and wide range height settings for your convenience.

3. JaeilPLM Wrinkle-Free Outdoor Projection Screen

JaeilPLM Wrinkle-Free Outdoor Projection Screen

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Yet another high quality screen projector, the JaeilPLM is a big 100-inch wrinkle-free portable model. It is indeed a portable outdoor projection screen due to its lightweight and convenience to carry around. It includes an easy to set up stand and candid installation guidelines for effortless operation. It is makes movie nights wonderful, as well as parties, camping or other meeting where you present projector services. It comes with a handy carry bag.

2. VonHaus Widescreen Projector Screen

VonHaus Widescreen Projector Screen

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This is an 80-inch screen for outstanding HD projector services that offers the perfect platform for enjoyable home theater experience and also great commercial presentations. It is a suitable model for either wall or ceiling mounting settings. Moreover, its matte white quality screen provides low light reflection rating, thus rendering it ideal for use with LCD, LED, and also DLP projectors. In addition, this screen has high performance self-locking mechanism that is manually retractable for your most convenient viewing screen. Black backing eliminates light loss for a clear projection, while a black border enhances contrast and the fabric’s flatness.

1. Cloud Mountain HD Projector Screen

Cloud Mountain HD Projector Screen

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Designed to offer users a portable yet professional-grade screen at a great price, the Cloud Mountain is an incredibly supportive product. It is bordered with 4 sides of quality black masking to help in absorbing undesirable light overspray. You will find it fun to set up in next to no time. It provides excellent picture quality perfect for handling active 3D as well as 4K projectors resolutions. It is a truly reliable easy-to-use tripod screen for professional use in big venues, stages, conference rooms, home theaters, and backyard movie party nights.


Surely, you need the best quality projection screen if you are going to ensure HD projector services. And if you do many presentations from various places, you thus need a durable and easy setup model sufficient for outdoor projector supported events. To be sure of great value, you can confidently buy one from the above best portable screen projectors reviews.

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