Top 10 Best Road Bikes In 2017 Reviews

Cycling is a hobby enjoyed by many. This means that your bicycle should meet the best standards to enjoy the cycling sessions. If you are a sports person, then you need to have a bike that will see you win all the races with ease. Therefore, when looking for a bike to buy, you need to consider various factors; the bike should be comfortable to ride, should have excellent speed, should have a section to store water and should cost reasonably. You also need to consider the durability of the bike. The following review attempts to highlight the best bicycle reviews for you. These are the top ten best and have all the necessary features you have been looking for in a bike.

10. Giordano Libero Acciao

Giordano Libero Acciao

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This road bike is a well-branded make that looks beautiful. The handle bars are comfortable. It features an instant braking system. You will be glad about its high speeds that allow you to reach your destinations quickly. It features a steel construction, making it durable. You will never see this model get rusty. The bicycle has a bottle section for keeping your drinks. It costs fairly, and you will always have an easy time riding along the highways.

9. Merax 21 Speed 700C

Merax 21 Speed 700C

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If you are looking for a lightweight bike for your road trips, then this model is a good one for you. It features high speeds for quick rides. You can adjust its handles to meet your comfort needs with ease. It has a perfect braking system for fast braking. This model is designed to give you a sharp riding experience hence fast speeds. It’s made from quality materials making it a durable option. This is one of the bikes that is easy to install and use.You will get it at affordable and discounted rates.

8. Retrospec Bicycles Mantra V2

Retrospec Bicycles Mantra V2

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This is a single fixed gear bike designed for you. It’s a simple bike that is easy to fix. It features excellent braking system perfect for instant stops. This bike can be used for many purposes, including; beach racing, round racing and general road works. It has a strong framework, hence durable. You can easily switch it from gear mode to manual mode and enjoy the exercise. It features great tires with a durable design. The tires are crafted to resist harsh weather and to last long. It’s among the easiest bikes to ride.

7. Tommaso Imola Compact

Tommaso Imola Compact

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This road bike is a lightweight model that is easy to carry and transport. It’s easy to ride and features a durable construction. You will stay with this bike for a longer time. It has great wheels that are designed in a sporty way, giving your bike a nice look. The braking system is excellent. This is a fast bike that features a gear system to allow you navigate through different speeds with ease. This bike features a compact geometry for smooth and fast riding. It’s a model that has a beautiful design, hence a value for your money.

6. Schwinn Phocus 1600

Schwinn Phocus 1600

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This model is designed for men. It features a durable, construction from quality materials. Having this bike will allow you to maneuver through different gears as you move across the steep hill. The wheels are large and good for any terrain. It has a super braking system, hence safe when riding. The handle bars are smooth, making your bike easier to ride. This model is a lightweight design, hence easy to move from one area to the other. It’s easy to install compared to other models.

5. Vilano Aluminum

Vilano Aluminum

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This is a modern bike with a durable design. It has excellent sized wheels for easy movement. You will love its gear system that allows you to ride at high speeds over the steep slopes. This bicycle has a compact design, making it easy to ride. You will also love its low profile that allows you to be stable while riding. This bike features excellent braking system, hence safe when using. It is easy to install and use. The handlebars are very comfortable, and the threadless design makes your bike look smooth. It’s a model that costs fairly, and discounts are all yours.

4. Schwinn Men’s Prelude

Schwinn Men's Prelude

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This is a white road bike that looks classy. You will fall in love with its artistic construction that features red handle bars. These handlebars are comfortable and feel ease when riding. The tires are sizeable to allow you ride through the terrain with ease. You will also find the smooth change in your gear accelerations as you move through the steep hills. This is a road bike that is crafted from durable materials making it a good deal for your money. You will find it easy to install as well as use.

3. Vilano FORZA 2.0

Vilano FORZA 2.0

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This is a slim Tiagra road bike designed to last. It features adjustable speeds to help you move over that terrains with ease. It features a double-walled wheelset designed to make your wheels last. The braking system is excellent hence safe when riding down hills.It is created from aluminium making it frames a durable design. You will find it easy when fixing the bike as the model has been developed to allow easy and fast fixing. It’s a lightweight design that allows easy carrying.

2. Takara Sugiyama

Takara Sugiyama

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This is a flat bar bicycle design. It features heavy wheels with a durable rubber design. The wheels are differently colored to make your bike look beautiful. This design features excellent braking system, hence safe when riding. It has a fixed gear model designed to take your bike at high speeds. It has a simple design that is easy to install. It features a lightweight model, hence easy to transport.

1. Kent GZR700

Kent GZR700

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This road bike is a model that is artistically crafted. It features a steel design, making it rust-resistant at the same time durable. This bike has a great design meant for speeds. The gearing system is steady hence safe. You will love its orange color that makes it look beautiful. This bike is a lightweight model that feature comfortable handlebars. It’s easy to fix and use. You will love its lowered prices and having this bike is a plus to your daily roadworks.

The road bikes in the review are the best design for you. They have all the features you have been looking for. As you go through the review, make a decision of having one unit from the reviewed models. You will not only save your money but also improve your roadworks.

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