Top 10 Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers Bag In 2017 Reviews

Over the years, the trunk sizes of most vehicles have reduced significantly to the frustration of most individuals. Transportation of bulky accessories, for instance, has become a major challenge with car owners installing cargo carriers to boost storage space. Even though cheap, most models are durable, water-resistance, and have packable designs that you can store easily when not in use. To get the best model, look for a cargo carrier made of a durable and water resistant fabric such as polyester. This way, rain and UV light will not damage your belongings whenever you are traveling. It should also be easy to install, and importantly, fit your vehicle. The 10 best brands include:

10. Rightline Gear 100S30 Sport 3

Rightline Gear 100S30 Sport 3

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Do you own a minivan or SUV that you commute with often? If storage space is a major challenge, Rightline Gear 100S30 Sport 3 to your plethora of car accessories to solve this problem permanently. Waterproof, it works well in wet weather. Storage space is around 18 cubic feet, while its compatibility with cars with or without racks is desirable. Made of polyester-reinforced PVC, this cargo carrier is durable and has a zippered aerodynamic design that does not compromise fuel efficiency.

9. G4Free Waterproof Top Carrier

G4Free Waterproof Top Carrier

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With G4Free, you get an 18.5 cubic foot top carrier for motor vehicles made of a water-resistant fabric. This product is durable, super protective, and has a convenient roof mounted design that is easy to install. Straps are also wide and durable, while its compatibility with vans, trucks, and sports utility vehicles (SUVs) is desirable. Finally, unlike some models that slip whilst in use, this model has a non-slip bottom that secures it on most roofs. In Amazon, you get a 100% money back guarantee.



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Do you venture on frequent camping trips? Are you planning to buy a trailer to that can offer sufficient storage for your personals? Spare yourself this massive investment by purchasing this SHIELD JACKET Cargo Bag instead. Lighter than trailers, it is easy to carry around. Storage space is also impressive (15 cubic feet), while its durable double vinyl construction protects personals well. This cargo bag is easy to install on vans and SUVs and has eight built-in tie straps that secure it well.

7. RoofBag Waterproof Carrier

RoofBag Waterproof Carrier

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Manufactured in the USA, RoofBag is a novel cargo carrier with a durable and water resistant design that works well on all vehicles. Whether yours has a rack, cross bar, or side rails, you will install it easily and have memorable results with it always. Fitted with a set of 3000-pound-rated straps, your belongings will never fly off your car’s roof at high speed. The heavy-duty polyester used to make this product in durable. It is also non-toxic and has a stylish design that does not tear nor fade easily.

6. Pro-Series 63604 Amigo

Pro-Series 63604 Amigo

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The Amigo 63604 is a desirable hitch mounting cargo carrier bag that measures approximately 59 x 18.5 x 24-inches. At full capacity, this bag contains and protects up to 15 cubic feet of material. Finally, installation is a breeze via its six tie-down points while its 100% rainproof construction is perfect for outdoor exploration.

5. BD Covers Cargo Roof Bag

BD Covers Cargo Roof Bag

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Do not worry about UV and or rain damaging your camping and or sporting accessories outdoors. With this BD Covers Cargo Roof Bag, you not only get sufficient storage space but also a protective water-resistant design. Top mounted, it is super-convenient. Its foldable design is easy to store, while the wide straps that it comes with do not snap under pressure. You also get a rainproof zipper (covered) and a two-year warranty that covers all its defects (manufacturing).

4. ROLA 59100 Platypus

ROLA 59100 Platypus

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Popular in best rooftop cargo carriers bag reviews, ROLA 59100 Platypus is an expandable roof top bag that offers value. Spacious, for instance, its expandable 40 x 34 x 16-inch design accommodates most types of accessories. It also has a stylish sporty outlook and a weatherproof construction with a safe cinching technology. Purchase one for your motor vehicle to qualify for a five-year limited warranty.

3. Keeper 07203-1

Keeper 07203-1

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Keeper 07203-1 is a foldable 15 cubic feet top cargo bag with a waterproof and durable design made of a heavy-duty fabric. This bag is tear proof. Its spacious zippered design is easy to load and unload. Finally, this cargo bag has flex and fit sides that fit and protect odd-shaped loads from the wind, grit, and UV.

2. ROLA 59119

ROLA 59119

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With an original ROLA 59119, expect and weather-resistant cargo carrier bag with a spacious 59 x 24 x 24-inch design. At full capacity, you can fit up to 20 cubic foot loads in this bag without ripping its sonically sealed seams. Straps (6) are also industrial grade while its foldable design is relatively easy to store when not in use. This top-rated cargo bag for vehicles from ROLA has a 5-year limited warranty.

1. Autvivid Trunk Organizer

Autvivid Trunk Organizer

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Manufactured using a 600D polyester fabric, Autvivid is a durable trunk organizer that works well on SUVs and vans. Waterproof, the fabric protects most types of loads from harsh outdoor weather. It is also easy to clean and has an aesthetic black theme that improves the value of vehicles. For stability, this product has rigid base plates. It also has four side pockets for storing smaller items and a Velcro-secured front pocket for securing valuables.


Do not let your car’s small trunk hold you back whenever you are traveling. To improve storage without spending significant amounts of money, one of our 10 cargo carriers will benefit you. They are spacious, made of durable waterproof fabrics, and have spacious zippered designs that accommodate most loads.

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