Top 10 Best Security Camera Systems In 2017 Reviews

Home security cameras help secure homes and have the Big Brother keeping an eye 24 hours a day. Home security systems are the way to go nowadays with more people wanting to have a look at what happens in their homes when they are away. The systems can give you a real-time picture of things at all times of the day and night in your home. The home security cameras apart from giving you a real-time picture of your home also deter buglers and thieves from breaking in. Rarely will people break into homes when they know their images will be recorded and they can be traced with ease? Some of the cameras allow you to connect to apps that make it possible to have a live feed from your mobile phones even when away from home. However, the challenge usually comes in choosing the best security camera systems as the market is filled with several brands. This article reviews the top ten best security camera systems available in the market for you to choose. Read through and choose one that best suits your needs.

10. The Zmodo Cameras

The Zmodo Cameras

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The Zmodo home security camera is a great choice to start our list. It is an easy one to set up with easy to follow in-app instructions. Simply create an account, enter a Wi-Fi and choose a password. Follow the instructions and in a short while you will be viewing live cameras on your phone. The 720p HD video delivers a sharp and crisp image both at day and night. With up to 65ft of night vision, it is a great home security camera to watch your home at night. The advanced features of the camera make it an even greater choice. It easily saves space on your hard drive by recording fewer frames per second when there is no motion and higher frames when motion is detected.

9. ANNKE Camera Systems

ANNKE Camera Systems

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The ANNKE is an all season weatherproof camera that can clearly see in the dark. It can provide reliable protection at night with over 66ft of night vision and withstand a torrential downpour. It comes with both the VGA and HDMI outputs that support the 1080p video. It is a great pick that is easy to install and set up. It comes with the motion triggered email alerts and a smart video playback. Free and easy to use apps that give you live feeds through your Smartphone, desktop, and tablet.

8. Amecrest home security cameras

Amecrest home security cameras

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The Amcrest comes with high-resolution features giving you clear images of what is happening back home. The video quality of their cameras is great and in its own class. There is 24 IR LED that works in dark conditions helping the camera record to distances of 20m. This coupled with motion alerts makes it a great choice for the security of your home. The Pre-installed 500GB ensures there is enough storage space while a USB backup feature gives peace of mind.

7. EZVIZ Smart Security camera

EZVIZ Smart Security camera

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It has a multi-layered security that gives an end-to-end video encryption. The three axis preassembled mounts prevent vandalism and tampering of the camera. It is weatherproof and clear even in the dark with a night vision of up to 100 feet or 65 feet in total darkness. View everything anywhere at any time using the AZVIZ app and get email alerts with any single motion.

6. TECBOX Camera Security System 4 Channel 720P AHD Home Video Surveillance

TECBOX Camera Security System 4 Channel 720P AHD Home Video Surveillance

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The TECBOX is another functional camera that sets up effortlessly with a DIY installation guide. It is quite reliable and comes with remote viewing without the complicated DDNS and network configurations. Simply plug in and watch in a few seconds. The video input supports a 720 DVR. Easily download the XMEye app and get to add a device through which you can watch your cameras. It is a great pick providing you with a crystal clear super image in all weathers.

5. Smonet Home security camera

Smonet Home security camera

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With a two minute set up, you can watch live feeds in no times. It is a wireless system with the only wires being the cables that connect you to the power socket. It is quite small, beautiful and one that can be hidden with ease. It works at day and night with a night vision of up to 65 ft. It is waterproof and gives motion alerts.

4. Reolink Home Business wired camera system

Reolink Home Business wired camera system

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This is another plug and plays home security system with easy setup. There are no network configurations that make it difficult to watch. Remote access by SmartPhone, tablet, and Windows makes you view your videos anywhere at any time. It is compatible with Reolink and other PoE IP cameras.



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The SANNCE 4 Channel comes with an amazing cloud-based technology. The technology ensures users set it up with ease and follow everything that happens in their homes through live feeds. It has a 960p resolution with a 1.3MP digital network, a Power-over-Ethernet for simple wiring and IR night vision. It is a great value for money with a high definition HDMI and VGA output. It includes four channel security systems that have already installed HDD and four wired video cameras.

2. Funlux KS-Y84UH 8-Channel Systems

Funlux KS-Y84UH 8-Channel Systems

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The Funlux is another great option with features that set it above the rest.The manufacturer offers a two free year warranty and a 60-day return. The technical support is great and reliable Mobile push alert and email notifications when movements occur in your home help secure your home. The Free Zsight Apps allow for live view and Playback options.

1. Home Business Video Security System Wired

Home Business Video Security System Wired

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Our number one option for the best home security system is the Home Biz Camera. It is a good choice coming with eight channels and 4 megapixels for super HD home monitoring. It is easy to use with zero configurations. Pre-installed 2TB hard drive allows for continuous recording. It is also compatible with Reolink and PoE Ip cameras.


Securing is a great deal that anyone would ever make as homes are where we spend more of our time. Choose any of the above security home systems and ensure your home is fully secured. Get alerts when there are movements in your home and know what’s happening. The choices above are the best and offer users a great value for their money.

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